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State of the art technology

We degrease oil-contaminated systems in an environmentally-friendly manner with state of the art technology using biodegradable materials, e.g. thermal oil heated presses and reaction apparatus, installations and pipe systems for oxygen and much more.  The materials we use are developed and tested in our modern laboratory and permanently monitored and improved.

We pickle and protect all types of industrial systems, hydraulic pipe systems, steam and water circulation systems in thermal power plants, in the chemical and petrochemical industry.  The systems are pickled and preserved on site to meet individual requirements.  This provides the best possible protection against premature wear of industrial systems.

Highly developed hydraulic pipe systems are subsequently flooded with special hydraulic oil.
For this purpose, we use modern oil flooding systems - 3 x 50 bar and 500 up to 1000 litres/min.  With controllable heating systems and pressure and return filters.  Oil purity measurements take place using the latest electronic measuring techniques for the exact identification of particle number and size in conformance with NAS-KI. DIN 1638.  The hydraulic control system pickled and flooded with oil - and in turn the complete system –  is afterwards ready for start-up.

For large hydraulic projects, it is normally an advantage to have one of our hydraulic specialists on site already during the construction phase in order to co-plan piping installation from pickling aspects for correct processing.  We will be happy to advise you.

The tried and tested Clean & Save-System of E. MOGGE GmbH guarantees perfect cleaning and pickling as well as reliable protection of hydraulic control circuits and pipe systems.

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