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Correct and professional disposal

We take care of the disposal of the remaining treatment solutions in our own sewage treatment plant or refer disposal to an authorised partner

Disposal can also take place on site in your own sewage treatment plant if available and depending on the cost advantage or by an authorised partner – you can be sure that regardless of how disposal takes place, it will be in full compliance with the legal requirements and environmental legislation

Result:                                                                                           With E. Mogge Clean & Save-Systeme GmbH, you can always be sure of a state of the art product with the emphasis on a clean environment.

Take advantage of the fully developed and superior technology of the Clean & Save system of E. Mogge GmbH that has been used successfully for over 33 years and is permanently further developed.  It is our aim to optimise by continuous research development your valuable industrial systems in every respect and to guarantee care and treatment that is second to none.

We look forward to establishing an interesting and long-term partnership with you.

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