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E. Mogge
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Our works in Willich

We degrease, pickle and clean steel pipes, apparatus and equipment of stainless steel.

We also degrease, pickle, clean, passivate or (Fe) phosphatise and preserve pipe sections, pipes, apparatus and systems of C-steel.

These special treatments can be provided by immersion or in a cyclic process. Available for this purpose are special baths up  to 8 metres in length.  We can also take care of transport, if required.

Active worldwide

We professionally clean and preserve all types of systems, e.g. steam generators, cooling water circuits, steam-heated cylinders in the paper industry, marine installations, marine tanks and boilers, tanks and apparatus for the chemical industry, refineries, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Regardless of whether system contamination is production, oil or water-related: You can be sure of a perfect chemical cleaning service that is tailored to suit your specific requirements.

If necessary in advance, samples of the contaminated product can be analysed and a gentle cleaning solution developed, taking into account environmentally-friendly disposal aspects.  The preparation of time sequence charts, risk analyses, time requirement plans for the necessary energies, etc., are all part of the service we provide.

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